7 tips to enjoy a hotel spa

Many hotels boast the spa as one of their features. For many of us, the thought is tempting but the reality can be daunting. Here’s 7 tips to help you enjoy a hotel spa:

  1. Wear the robe and the slippers
    Most rooms that come with a spa also offer a complimentary bathrobe and slippers. You may feel silly going down in the lift and walking down the carpeted corridor in a dressing gown but embrace it. After all, the other guests are in the same situation. The slippers may not fit but it’s better than going to the spa in day shoes or bare feet.
  2. Use the lockers and the towels
    If you really feel uncomfortable rocking up in your swimwear and bathrobe, you can come fully clothed and use a locker. These are usually free. Note: Some hotels will ask you to wear NO clothes! Be prepared.
  3. Shower
    The cardinal rule is to shower before entering the spa – don’t treat the hot tub as a communal bath.
  4. Alternate between hot and cold
    The jacuzzi jets are great for stimulating blood flow, the sauna will get your heart rate up and endorphins pumping, the pool will stretch your muscles gently and a cold shower will relieve stress. Rotate between the different spa features available but always remember to rinse and rest in between, and drink lots and lots of water!
  5. Take your phone or a book
    If you’re going alone, take your phone or a book for entertainment. There’s no rush and it can be a lovely way to spend time away from your hotel room.
  6. Sit on your towel
    In the sauna and steam room, it’s best to sit on your towel. It protects your legs and bum from burning, and soaks up your sweat so it’s clean for the next person. Nice.
  7. Get chatting
    The spa can be a great place to interact with other guests. Feel free to get chatting. People come from all parts of the world and have great stories to tell which helps while the time away. Otherwise you may be awkwardly sweating together for quite some time.

The Pearl: Relax and rehydrate after your spa sesh to feel the most benefits.

The Grit: Remember extreme temperature changes can be ill advised for pregnant women or people with cardiovascular issues.

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