What do you do when you finish a project or pass it onto another organisation?

I interviewed former staff who had worked on TWINE, the digital platform developed by Power to Change, to capture their insight and learning and produced “Untangling TWINE: Lessons from a funder developing digital tools”, as well as a blog to help pass the baton onto the new owners of the tools.

I was struggling to find the time to celebrate and share the learning of a complex and innovative tech project.

Charlotte’s help was really appreciated. SHE took the time to consider the challenge and pitched a couple of solutions. we landed on a interactive report built from a series of interviews with the developers and managers involved across twine’s development Journey, alongside a blog capturing the ambition of the new owners.

We had great feedback from the wider team and stakeholders on the engaging (and witty ) copy. Thanks Charlotte for helping us to consider our impact, we don’t reflect on success enough – you really helped us do that!”

Fergus Arkley, digital innovation manager, power to change trust