Halloween: 10 LAST-MINUTE costumes

Halloween marks the night when the veil is thinnest between our world and other worlds. Pagans believed dressing up as something scary could fool ghastly spirits so they wouldn’t haunt you. Although the original intent may have been a bit lost on the way, dressing up for Halloween is still a tradition I love.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive – charity shops are full of costume-worthy treasures. Add a few key accessories and a character backstory and you’ve got yourself a killer Halloween costume.

Here’s a 10 Halloween costumes I’ve worn over the years, including one or two couple ones to inspire you.

1. Killer housewife

She’s the do-it-all woman who not only works full-time but also keeps the home clean, tidy and rodent free. But, she’s had enough and tonight she’s on the rampage. Armed with her marigolds, she’s ready to murder whoever leaves their socks lying around.

Costume: An apron, marigolds, and twitchy, angry eyes

2. HALLOWEEN Cannibal

It may look harmless and human but tonight it’s ravenous. The cannibal is turned on by human flesh. It’s flirty stare is actually sizing up how best to cook your body parts.

Costume: A cardboard sign round your neck saying “Don’t feed the cannibal”. Plastic severed limb optional. Hungry eyes.

3. Plastic surgery addict

She started with some innocent botox to smooth out her forehead wrinkles. Now her butt’s on her face, her belly fat is in her arse and she’s lost count of the amount of surgeries she’s had. But ain’t she pretty?

Costume: Nude leotard with plastic surgery lines. Bandages round the head and nose. Chicken fillets to enhance ‘fake’ boobs. Exaggerated puffy lips.


Forget the pointy hat. This witch sees all. Her power comes from herbs, crystals and mystical patterns on her hands, arms and face. 

Costume: Dot and star patterns on skin. Crystal necklaces. A pouch full of herbs. A long gown. A mystical aura.

5.Femme fatale

Men and women fall for her seductive charm. But don’t be fooled. She’s been trained to kill and she’s lethal.

Costume: A glamorous dress. A fake gun. A red lipped sneer. Long gloves optional.

6. Fortune teller

People are scared of the future. And the fortune teller holds all the cards. Will you dare to let her look into your mind and read your energy?

Costume: Turban or headscarf. Hoop earrings. Beaded necklaces. Long dress. Tarot cards optional.

7. Puppet and master

An easy one for couples. The taller person should be the master, pulling the puppet’s strings. 

Costume: Wear whatever you want but create the puppet strings by crossing two sticks together and binding them. Then attach string to each end of the sticks and tie them to the puppets arms and wrists.

8. Roald Dahl’s Red Riding Hood

A young innocent girl lost in the woods? Think again. Red is a hunter, out to get the wolf. 

Costume: A red cape, childish glee. Picnic basket. Wolf optional.

9. The HALLOWEEN widow

Dressed in mourning black, she looks sombre and devastated. But is her grief real or a show put on after murdering her wealthy husband? 

Costume: A handkerchief. Black clothes. Veiled hat optional.

10. The voodoo doll

She never asked to be a conveyor of hate. She’s done with having pins stuck into her. It’s time for revenge.

Costume: Knitted dress. Red felt heart stitched on badly. Knitting needles pierced through the heart. Doll seams drawn onto wrists, arms, round neck. 

Hopefully this has given you some Halloween costume inspiration! 

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